February 05, 2021

Call to Action

By Ella Pegrum
Call to Action

As if you fabulous folk need reminding... but do your friends & family??
Help us spread the word & get everyone you know Shopping Small & Shopping Independent.

Yes we are a nation of shopkeepers, but we’re also a nation of shopkeepers fighting for survival. Forced closures & restrictions have caused mayhem & much distress for small & independent businesses this year and it’s only thanks to you lovely lot and your ongoing sterling support that we’re seeing this through... so with that in mind... bin your Amazon order (Bezos is already worth $181.4 Billion - he really doesn’t need your money!!!) and Shop Independent.

Vote with your money because
Shopping SMALL is a BIG deal !
With Thanks to @hollytucker for championing #campaignshopindependent

Together we can do this